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Wednesday, March 29, 2006
WARNING: Foul language
Posted by Picasa My asshole of an ex-husband has ruined my evening. It wasn't enough for him to ruin my life...now this. Did I mention that I hate his f***ing guts? No? Well, I do. And his little dog too...aka his new wife. I saw the evil side of her for the first time tonight, which is pretty good seeing as they've been married 2 years now. He and I have been divorced for 8 or 9 years. I forget, as thinking about him isn't something I like to spend my time on. But having him tell me what I am going to do, standing there on my front porch was just not working for me. So the "evil" Lisa came out. My head spun around a few times. He had to call his wife out of their car for reinforcement. F**ker. Oh-My-God...I hate being this angry. I was literally shaking with anger when I got done talking to him. He's still laboring under the misconception that he dictates schedules and such to me. Bite my left tit, you asshole. I am not going to listen to you, I stopped being married to you (thank God) a long time ago. Of course, I didn't say any of these swear words out loud. I kept my composure. Well, sort of. I didn't yell (I rarely do) and I didn't swear (I do often, but not around people I'm not close to!) I usually swear great streams of streams of curses when I'm alone in my car. It's good for me, or that is what I tell myself. I don't swear in front of my son. The problem is, my son hates him too. It isn't because of things I've said about his father. I would never do that. I say nice things and watch my tongue bleed as I do so. The bloody bastard's done enough on his own to ruin his relationship with his son. I am supposed to go on a trip for a few days the week after next. Now...I don't know. The ex was potentially going to take him. Yeah, right! He's never, ever taken care of him. I don't trust the idiot anyhow. I know better. I have to stop thinking about this now. I need to be able to sleep. I've been staying up too late and getting up too early. I've had a bad day all around. A bad week actually. Bad, bad, big trouble (not for me personally) stuff at work. Like the doctor's license expired and she didn't renew it. Not a good thing. Then, my homeowners insurance saying my mortgage company states I don't have an escrow account. Excuse me??? I want that money back that you get each month then. Just tedious bullshit like that...all week. I'm so looking forward to my doctor's appointment tomorrow. Maybe she can tell me I have some horrible disease to top this stinking week off. God, I am bitter and bitchy tonight. Not my usual self at all! It's from all that interaction with the ex. How did I make it 9 years being married to him? I have no idea. Honestly. The good thing is, my B is coming in to town tomorrow night. Just my luck, some basketball watching rat-bastard will bump her off her flight or something. I may have to kill someone if that happens. That Red Bull and Ketel One Vodka is sounding better to me all of the time.
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