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Friday, April 21, 2006
Hmmm....Once you've had two bottles of wine (not on my own!)- it gets difficult to spell correctly. Just my personal experience.... I grilled some salmon and made some veggies to go with it for dinner. It was beautiful sitting out on the deck, eating dinner, sipping wine and watching the dog frolicking in the yard. The first bottle was a 2002 DeLoach Pinot Noir and the second bottle was Erath 2003 Pinot Noir. It was the first time I'd tried either one of those. I really liked the DeLoach, and the Erath was okay. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't just had the DeLoach. The DeLoach is just a bigger wine when it hits the palate. I also picked up a bottle of Mad Fish Pinot Noir and and Argyle Pinot Noir. There's only one place I can find that has a terrific wine selection, not your usual fare that you find in a smaller store. But it's well worth the drive, no matter what part of town you live in, I highly recommend 21st Amendment Liquors on West 86th Street. It isn't your "normal" liquor store where the staff wears grubby clothes and smokes cigarettes. The entire staff at this particluar 21st Amendment is well dressed, polite and knowledgeable. Posted by Picasa
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