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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
TMI Tuesday
  1. Have you ever had sex in a hammock?

No, but I do have a hammock. Not a bad idea if I didn’t also have neighbors- I haven’t installed that privacy fence just yet.

2. Do you think alcohol enhances a sexual experience, or diminishes it? For me, it enhances, but everyone is different

3. Have you ever stolen anything from a place you were employed? No, but I’ve had someone else take something from the place that they were employed for me. Does that count? It was a notebook of paper, but it was so cute! I have a thing for pads of paper.

4. Have you ever jello/mud or otherwise "wrestled" while others watched? Nope, we type “A” personalities like to keep our perversions to ourselves and not display them publicly.

5. Have you ever let someone else wash you while you were perfectly capable of doing it yourself? Sure I have. I bought my house mainly based on the fantastic master bathroom. I have a bathtub large enough for 3 (not that I’ve tried!)

Bonus (as in "optional"): Have you or one of your partners ever taken a "drug" of any type to enhance your sexual experience? Not unless you count alcohol as a drug.

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  • At 4/11/2006 09:54:00 AM, Blogger LizzieDaisy

    We put dual showerheads in our first house, along with a mongo corner tub. They walked in and looked at the cool bathroom, mouths dropped, and we silently high fived each other. Got our asking price from that lady on the first day we showed.

    Doing the bathroom soon. Yes, dualies again. :)

  • At 4/11/2006 10:32:00 AM, Blogger Christie

    :) happy tmi!


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