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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Oops, I did it again
I went mountain biking last night. Well, as mountain biking as you can get in this flat state. Anybow, I took one hill too fast and took a spill. I landed on my bad shoulder. The one I fractured before. The one I injured the rotator cuff on before. Well today it hurt like hell. I'm no wuss either. I'm guessing I've done something new to it. Luckily it's my left shoulder and I'm primarily right handed. Still, it's going to stink if I have to have it in a sling or something (again!) Which also means I'm going to have to go to see the doc tomorrow. I'm sure she's just going to give me some pain meds and some stupid stretches to do, but I guess I should go anyhow. The kiddo and I had our haircuts tonight. I love getting my haircut. Actually, I just love having a gay man play with my hair for an hour! It took so long that we ended up having to go out to dinner. I had a glass of wine with my food. And a glass of wine just now, so I guess a pain pill is out of the question for my shoulder. Damn, that's too bad because it still hurts. I can't raise the arm above shoulder level. Which makes me think it's a rotator cuff thing again.
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  • At 5/04/2006 05:16:00 AM, Blogger [Mat]

    "I'm sure she's just going to give me some pain meds and some stupid stretches to do"

    Ever think about a chiropractor?
    I'm sold to these guys. They did wonders with me.

  • At 5/05/2006 12:06:00 AM, Blogger Irish Church Lady :)

    I like to mix my pain meds with wine but that's the BAD Irish Church Lady talking! hee hee

    Sorry 'bout your arm. I agree with Mat. I used to be skeptical about chiropractors but I'm now sold on them for my back problems, even more than physio, plus I've just started with a Registered Massage Therapist. Pesky back. I have to treat it kindly. It's starting to act up after my bike ride to work on Tuesday.


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