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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
Tell the Truth or Pick your Preference - Part Quatre
Ici, je dit le veratie! From the Faboulous Irish Church Lady Tell which one most appropriately applies to you or if they don't, pick your favourite. If you can't pick only one because NEITHER applies or appeals or BOTH do, then you lose a point from TEN. 31..Backless or cleavage? Oh no, you're killing me here making me pick! It's like asking a mother which child is her favorite! LOL But if I'm forced to pick, I'd go with backless, I'm a sucker for a gorgeous back. I'm not really a fan of big boobs. And it takes big boobs to make a good deal of cleavage, in my humble opinion. Not that I have anything against boobs in general, au contraire! 32..Sunrise or Sunset? Ouch! Another tough one....Sunrise is so peaceful, but sunset is rather romantic. It really depends on where I am as to which one I prefer. Sunrise is great on the east coast, but you can't beat sunset in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii on the Big Island of Hawaii. Sometimes, when the sun is setting there, you can see a spark on the horizon. Due to this fact, I'll take sunset. 33..Flossing or going to the dentist? No, no, no...This is not a one or the other kind of thing! I do both on a daily basis. 34..Find time or lose time? I'm trying to find time. 35..Church or sleeping in? I grew up going to church each and every week. As an adult, I married an atheist, who is not a semi-Catholic. (go figure!) Needless to say, he and I didn't spend a lot of time going to church. Then I divorced his sorry ass, came out and felt rather isolated once again from my church. I'm a Methodist by birth and upbringing, and we're a pretty welcoming bunch. I've gone to church on and off for the last few years, but I'm finding it hard to find a church that understands that being gay and a Christian is not mutually exclusive. I'm not one to sleep in either, even on the weekends. 36..Elmo or Fozzie? Fozzie is a classic, so he's the man. 37..Strawberries or Blueberries? Strawberries....I love my mother's strawberry jam. 38.."Scrubs" or "The Office"? Sorry, but I don't watch much TV so neither one. 39..Ballroom or Jive? Jive over ballroom anyday. 40..Surf or swim? Surf, or umm, boogie board. That's close enough. If I ever get my Way Back Wednesday post up, I'll have photographic proof of my past forays into boarding.
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