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Monday, July 24, 2006
Manic Monday
What A Way To Make A Living If you did not work (or if you don't) how much TV would you/do you watch during the course of the day? I don't think I'd watch all that much TV, it just doesn't hold much appeal to me. I like to watch the morning news and perhaps catch a bit of the Today Show if I'm home. I like to watch Ellen but I rarely do so. Other than that, I wouldn't have the TV on during the day. How long have you held your current job and how does it rate against your former jobs as far as overall happiness? I've been at my current job for nearly a decade. I know find it very boring but it's not a bad job overall. If you had to describe the thing done by someone at work that drives you the craziest, what would you say? Stupidity, laziness- oops, that's two things. I'd honestly have to say hypocrisy- wanting help with their own projects but being utterly unwilling to assist anyone else. Okay, and martyrdom is up there too- having to hear about how much harder a certain person feels she work than everyone else. If you could have someone at your current place of employment fired, would you do so? Yes, but it most likely not the person those around me might think it would be. I felt this person was a poor choice for the position from the beginning and was against hiring said person. Do you work a typical "9 to 5" Monday through Friday work schedule? I am fortunate enough to work only partial days on Monday and Friday. Often times I work from home on Monday to allow for more time with my son, especially during summer vacation.
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