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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
I was feeling too ill to cook last night. I didn't care that much if I ate anything or not, but I knew I should. On the other hand, Ian was starving (as usual). This is the kid who says he'd be a vegetarian, but he couldn't give up bacon, and steak and probably chicken. Um, Ian, that isn't a vegetarian! Anyhow, I knew I wasn't going out in public feeling (and looking) like I did. The last time I was sick and I went to pick up Ian from school he said he didn't recognize me at first. I had on a track suit, a big puffy down coat and worst of all, a baseball hat and no makeup. Yes, I know that isn't my usual "look"... He said he didn't recognize me because I usually look good. Gee, thanks son- you mean I look like shit now, right? (I didn't say it that way to him.) Anyhow, I digress... We ordered food from 30minutemall. I'm not usually one to go for that kind of thing, but desperate situations call for desperate means. If you've ever seen my son or I hungry, you'd know what I mean- not a pretty sight! I was really pleased with it overall. The only thing that got messed up is that they forgot my son's side order of steamed veggies. Not that most kids would complain about that, but he's odd and actually likes vegetables. So, I might try them again sometime when the proper situation arises. The cute thing was, they bring you a flower in a vase. That's what I had to do to get flowers, order food? Ha Ha! The delivery person was a little girl who looked to be about all of 12 years old and kept saying sweetheart.... I wondered if she was old enough to drive. God, does that mean I'm getting old when I think things like that? Or worse yet, am I becoming my mother? (Love you, momma!)
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