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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Question of the Day I & II
Water cooler? What is the talk at the water cooler today? Seeing as I was stuck home sick (again!) in bed today, there wasn't any talk around the water cooler for me. We do have a water cooler at my office but I think I'm the only one who drinks water from it, so there's no conversation going on there. The big hang-out seems to be my office. It's way in the back of the building so everyone seems to congregate there to chat. It doesn't hurt that my office is only a few steps away from the kitchen either! I work with all women so nothing seems to be taboo for conversation around there. Most of us have worked together for years and know so much about each other, we're like sisters. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TV How many hours of TV do you watch a day? Most days I don't watch any except having the morning news on for a few minutes while I'm getting ready for work. I try to keep up with current events that way. Typically I don't turn on the TV in the evening at all. I'm too busy with other things. I was home sick today and I had the TV on quite a bit. My God, it is horrible! How could anyone watch this rubbish day after day? OK, I'll admit I was happy to watch "Ellen", she makes me laugh. I only have cable in the family room and the finished part of the basement, so only having a few channels to choose from doesn't help. It was too damned cold to be downstairs, my bedroom was nice and cozy and it has a fireplace too! I wasn't going to budge...
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