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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Speed Limit?
Leave it to Carmel to post a speed limit on the Monon Trail. The trail is a terrific addition to Indianapolis. When I first moved here, I found it difficult to find places to walk/run/ride. The first section from Nora to Broad Ripple opened in 1996. The proposed speed limit would be 15 MPH between 111th and 1136th Streets and 20 MPH north of 136th Street. I've ridden up to the current end of the trail at 146th Street and there isn't much going on up there. I can't understand why Carmel feels the need to police the speed of the users. I feel the safety of the trail users should come first. Anyone who's utilized the trail has been "zoomed" by a fast-traveling bicyclist. The possible threat of being mugged or being run over by a car at one of the street crossings is a greater danger. I won't go south of 38th Street (and that is iffy) just because of that reason. I know many racing bicyclists use the Monon to train for upcoming events. I don't think I have to be concerned about a ticket though, my Townie won't go that fast, and it's a bit odd looking, but by God it is comfortable! I don't ride my Bianchi much since I bought this one last year. I'm picturing the Carmel Police sitting on their bikes along the trail, radar guns in hand, dispensing tickets.... How humiliating would it be to admit to your poker buddies that you write tickets to speeders on bicycles?
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