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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Tuesday Twosome
1. Do you have an iPod/mP3 player? If so, what kind? I have an I-Pod 4th Generation 20GB. I love music, therefore I love my IPod. I have a protective case like the one in the picture, an armband for when I exercise, a hook-up for my car stereo and a JBL home stereo just for IPods. That way, I never have to be without it. 2. How many songs are on your player and of those, how many did you purchase online? I only have about 600 songs on there right now. I got quite a few of them online, but I had an extensive CD collection I'm in the process of transferring over. 3. Do you tend to listen to a certain type of music when you are sad/down? If so, describe: I tend to lean toward piano and guitar music when I feel that way. Like George Winston or Jim Brickman. The album "Classical Chillout" is great too, "Clair De Lune" by Debussy will get me crying every time. 4. How much memory does your player have? Do you think it is too little, just right or way too much? My I-Pod has 20 GB of memory. I don't know if I'll ever get around to filling it up before it croaks on me. 5. What two types of music (jazz, pop, country, rap, etc.) do you listen to more than other types? I don't think I can classify my music, it's too varied and eclectic. I don't like most rap or country however. Tuesday Twosome Your Blog!
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