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Wednesday, February 08, 2006
I cant go to Kinkos
I can’t go to Kinko’s. My boss has my pants. Somehow, I ripped the hem out of the left leg of my pants this morning. She said, give me your pants and I’ll fix them. So, she had to go work on a patient. I couldn’t very well sit in my office with no pants on. I have a window in my office. A window that faces the window of another building. Then again, it’s only a library. They wouldn’t be looking at me sitting at my desk with no pants on anyhow; they’d be reading their books. But it’s Indiana and February, so that means it’s freezing. I went digging in the closet in the back and found an old pair of scrub pants that might fit me. Yellow scrub pants. Simply hideous. I’m going to take my pants back now, hem repaired or not. I refuse to walk around with a dress shirt, yellow scrub pants and black Sarto dress shoes on.
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