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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
Tuesday Is Chooseday...
Would you rather: constantly smell Ben-gay/icy hot OR lemons? Lemons. I don't mind the smell of lemons. I had to use icy/hot last week on my neck before I went to bed and it made my pillow smell so strongly of icy/hot I had to wash the sheets. travel the world for two years with nothing more than what you can carry OR spend six months in an ancient Tibetan monastery learning their secrets? Travel the world. I could really simplify what I need (and I can carry a lot!). It would be terrific to travel around and truly see the world in a non-tourist way. be attacked by a huge, carnivorous plant OR three dozen mosquitoes? I've seen "The Little Shop of Horrors" (feed me Seymour!) so I'm taking the mosquitoes. I lived in Hawaii (mosquito central), so 3 dozen mosquitoes don't sound like much of a threat. have a candy bar named after you OR an alcoholic drink? I'll take the drink any day.
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