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Saturday, February 11, 2006
Snow and My Sister
I just heard that Philadelphia could potentially get up to a foot of snow. My baby sister lives in Philly...For now. She's nearly 10 years younger than I am. And a world apart. Honestly, I barely know her. She was only 9 years old when I moved away from home. On the other hand, she just moved out of my parents house last year. At nearly 26 years old. My parents had at least one of their children living with them for 42 years. That is a frightening concept. I adore my son, but he is not going to live with me until he's 26. No way. And he's an only child... Then again, I know how they (try) to baby me, and I'm not even the youngest. Of course, I'm 6 years younger than my older sister so I was the baby for a good chunk of my life. Every time my parents come to visit me they bring me food. It's so funny. Do they think I don't have food here in Indianapolis? I know, they're just being parents... I'm lucky to have them. My younger sister is the textbook definition of "scary Goth death girl." We look absolutely nothing alike. I have no idea what her real hair color is because it's been dyed black for so long. I know she isn't blonde like my older sister and I. The top of her hair is long and the bottom is shaved. She has several tattoos including black widow spiders on her inner wrists. Her lower lip is pierced. See...Scary. If I had a photo of her I'd put it on here because you have to see it to believe it. But she doesn't like her picture taken.
I've found a picture of her...be warned- it is shocking!
At least that takes the heat off of me for being a lesbian! Makes me wonder which one of us is adopted....
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