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Tuesday, April 11, 2006
I was listening to some story about Easter baskets today on the news. It made me think of something my son used to say. He called the Easter Bunny the “Beaster Bunny”- makes it sounds sort of scary, doesn’t it? Also, he called Peeps (which I find disgusting) dirty marshmallows. He thought the sugar coating on the outside was dirt, albeit brightly colored dirt. I don’t think that he ever tried one. Fine with me, I don’t want him eating that crap anyhow. But he’d see them in the store at Easter time and say over and over and over “Dirty marshmallows, Mom?” Like it was a question. Mind you, he was about 3 at the time. For years every sentence began and ended with “mom”…. Kind of like the way they talk in the Marine Corps, “Sir, yes, sir!” Up until very recently, I’d venture to guess he’d say “Mom” about a thousand times a day. Sometimes over and over again, if I didn’t answer instantly. When he was very little, he'd get exasperated and finally say "Yee-sa" as he couldn't say Lisa. So, enjoy those Peeps. I know of one house that you won’t find any hiding in the Easter baskets! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow Up: I had to go to the grocery store with him tonight to get eggs for his Seder meal at school this week. I went to the "regular" grocery store, not my regular organic health-food grocery store. I didn't think the 7th graders would have much of an appreciation for organic Omega-3 eggs, and besides, Marsh was closer. Lo and behold- what did we come upon in the aisles but Peeps. So naturally, I had to take a photo of them with my phone camera. It's blurry as he didn't want me to take the picture. He hates my new phone as he says I take pictures of everything now....which is somewhat true!
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