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Friday, May 19, 2006
Friday Fun
Just fill in the blank!! 1. The one thing I want to be sure I do this summer is ____________. go on a wonderful vacation 2. My favorite thing to eat for breakfast is ____________. pancakes, waffles, french toast (I love breakfast!) 3. My favorite outfit is ____________. nothing at all 4. The accomplishment I am most proud of is ____________. being a good mother to my son 5. The weirdest thing about me is ____________. I cannot sleep on sheets with a pattern on them 6. I want to become better at ____________. writing, photography, EVERYTHING! 7. My least favorite household chore is ____________. washing dishes- I love to cook but hate doing the dishes 8. My favorite music/song/artist is ____________. I can't say I have an all time favorite, but I love The Beatles 9. The color I like least is ____________. purple 10. I am going to ____________ this weekend. make lemon-drop martinis, go to the Broad Ripple Art Fair on Saturday, take some photos, perhaps go see a movie and possibly some other things I'm not going to list here
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