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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Are You More?
Are you more... 01) Pleasantly surprised that I got another AYM out today or disappointed that I left it go for too long? Pleasantly surprised as I am an optimist. 02) An investor looking for quick, big gains or an investor looking for good performance over the long haul? I go for the long haul. 03) Sand trap or water hazard? Water hazard 04) One who prefers that the hot dog wiener be the exact same length as the bun or one who prefers that the hot dog wiener be a little bit longer than the bun? I do not eat hot dogs. 05) A fan of Superman or a fan of Batman? If I had to pick one, Superman. 06) Into working out in a gym or working out in your home? I work out at home or go outside for a hike/jog/walk. 07) An underwater swimmer or an above water swimmer? Above 08) More likely to go and see a play/musical at a theatre or more likely to go and hear an orchestra at a stadium/music hall? I love music, so I will go with the orchestra. 09) Ruthless or spineless? Somewhere down the middle. 10) A person who takes vitamins/supplements every day or a person who relies on getting your vitamins/minerals from your food alone? I take my vitamins.
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