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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Way Back Wednesday
Let's play dress up!
The Kept Woman had Mrs. Dallas K suggest dress-up as a theme this week

I think it may be a good thing that this picture came out so pixelated. Sorry, but I'm just too tired to try to fix it. Besides, it is sparing you all the gory details of my take on "dress up" circa the early 70's. It appears we were going the "bag lady" route versus "fairy princess"- I've always been one to go against convention anyhow. Pink with ruffles and a feather boa would have been just too...well...cliche for me, even then!

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  • At 6/28/2006 04:42:00 PM, Blogger Diana_CT

    I use to play dress up, but I had to do it in secret. :-(

  • At 6/28/2006 09:26:00 PM, Blogger The Kept Woman

    So cute...even in your pixilated format!

  • At 6/29/2006 07:27:00 PM, Anonymous Julia

    So precious. I don't remember playing dress up, but maybe I did. I know I was a tomboy, so I doubt it. Enjoyed your list of places to see - some unusual choices there! So you beat me with those ten words; it just made me feel clueless! Teaching vocabulary really cemenents a lot of words, but they're not really that level of difficulty. A bientot!


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