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Monday, June 26, 2006
Weekend Update
I've noticed that I haven't done much "real" writing in here lately. It isn't that I haven't had anything going on to write about, actually I've been really busy and haven't taken the time to write. It is much easier to be mindless sometimes and do a meme or something of the like. I can't believe June is almost over! I am afraid that summer is going to fly by and before I know it, my son will be back in school. I'm one of those odd parents that actually like it when my child is off on summer break! My son is doing a zookeeper camp this week. Thus far, he says that the zoo smells bad and he can cross a career with wild animals off his list! We did some heavy-duty landscaping this weekend. I carried about a ton (literally) of rock and pavers, so my body is killing me today. I'll post some photos of our work-in-progress soon. We made a huge planting area around our 4 big apple trees, laid down a path with edging bricks and pea gravel and put in a small patio area to put the settee and firepit on. Needless to say, Saturday was a busy day. I was too sore to work very hard on Sunday. Instead, we hit the bookstore (I can't resist checking out a new one) and when we were leaving, we were hit by a downpour. Guess I should have checked the weather forecast, because I didn't even have an umbrella with me as I wasn't in my own car. I volunteered to run out into the parking lot to get the car and in the process I was soaked to the bone. My clothes were completely drenched and unfortunately, I was wearing white pants! Oops! White pants are very see-through when wet. At that point, I was too dripping wet and cold to care much. Besides, I was getting hungry... Don't mess with me when I'm hungry! I was having a craving for Yat's. I was hoping for the etouffee without crawfish, as I can't eat it because I'm allergic. No such luck. I did have an excellent plate of red beans and rice. Mmm... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. In the process of tilling my flower bed on Saturday, I trashed my last pair of running shoes with about 4 inches of mud caked onto them. Therefore, I had to run out to buy a new pair of Mizuno's (not that I was too torn up about it!) And of course, what do you do when you get a new pair of running shoes, but go for a run? The dog and I hit the trail this afternoon, getting me home with enough time to spare to mow the lawn before the rain hit (again!)
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